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Does your business perform large volumes of Police or Right to Work checks? Having your own dashboard can significantly speed up your HR processes. You can manage billing, bulk invites, and application follow-ups all from one simple, elegant area.

Your dashboard is an effortless way to review the status of your checks, reduce friction and make it easier for your HR team to onboard the very best talent.

How does the dashboard work?

Our development team will work with you to create your dashboard, to ensure your Police and Right to Work checks are seamless for your HR team. Your dashboard can:

  • Send individual or bulk invites to applicants.
  • Show you the status of all checks.
  • Manage billing and invoicing.
  • Control your co-branded pages.
  • Provide extensive developer tools.
  • Manage staff logins or use single sign-on

If you want to know more about creating your own dashboard, please get in touch with our business team, we're here to help.


Should my company check all applicants?

If your HR team doesn’t run checks on all applicants, you need to consider the risks. Hiring just one wrong applicant can have irreversible effects like workplace violence, theft and fraud. Checking every applicant's history can put your mind at ease, and it is remarkably cost-effective.

Who is National Crime Check (NCC)?

NCC is an ACIC accredited agency, providing advanced identity verification and criminal background check duties. Our services are ideal for the healthcare, charities, staffing, retail, finance, education and start-up sectors.

Who are some companies NCC partner with?

We provide custom solutions for companies across Australia. Some of our partners include Uber Australia, DoorDash, Menulog, Pet Cloud, Air Tasker, Department for Environment & Water SA, Bridgestone Australia, Oz Minerals, Kogan and St Vincent de Paul and more.

Talk to our business team today.