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The quick and easy way to obtain New Zealand Criminal Conviction History Reports

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  Why use us?  

  • 100% online application process No Scanning No Printing No Postage
  • Super quick turnaround Once completed, Most checks are back within 72 hours
  • Complete a record check anywhere Applicants complete a check on desktop or on the go on mobile
  • Industry leader for record checks with our secure online ID verification technology

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As a Ministry of Justice third party provider, we offer a number of fast, reliable and professional solutions.


Co-branded website

  • Your own online co-branded criminal conviction history report processing platform
  • Leverage the best record report processing technology available
  • Candidate pay or business billing in arrears

API Integration

  • Fully integrated criminal conviction reports into your HR system
  • Manage billing, bulk invites and follow-ups in our Integration Dashboard
  • 100% online process for applicants and managers

  Businesses we work with  

  • DoorDash
  • Bridgestone
  • Uber

National Crime Check is 100% online – we process your entire police check lodgement and dispatch online making the process of getting a police check quick and easy.

We are a Ministry of Justice third party provider so you can have full confidence of obtaining an accepted NZ Criminal History Report.

You can verify your identity online using a webcam, mobile phone, or tablet. No more posting in your application form or your ID – our process is 100% online.

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