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The quick and easy way to obtain New Zealand Criminal Conviction History Reports

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  • 100% online application process No Scanning No Printing No Postage
  • Super quick turnaround Once completed, Most checks are back within 72 hours
  • Complete a record check anywhere Applicants complete a check on desktop or on the go on mobile
  • Industry leader for record checks with our secure online ID verification technology

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We are registered with the Ministry of Justice to provide criminal conviction history reports and offer a number of fast, reliable and professional solutions.


Co-branded website

  • Your own online co-branded criminal conviction history report processing platform
  • Leverage the best record report processing technology available
  • Candidate pay or business billing in arrears

API Integration

  • Fully integrated criminal conviction reports into your HR system
  • Manage billing, bulk invites and follow-ups in our Integration Dashboard
  • 100% online process for applicants and managers

  Businesses we work with  

  • DoorDash
  • Bridgestone
  • Uber

National Crime Check is 100% online – we process your entire criminal conviction history report lodgement and dispatch online making the process of getting a criminal conviction history report quick and easy.

We are registered with the Ministry of Justice to provide criminal conviction history reports, so you can have full confidence of obtaining an accepted NZ Criminal History Report.

You can verify your identity online using a webcam, mobile phone, or tablet. No more posting in your application form or your ID – our process is 100% online.

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