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Keyed Checks

Does your business only need a few police, Visa, or right to work checks each year for applicants? Our Keyed Checks service could be a great option as it's made for smaller New Zealand companies.

Keyed Checks are also easy for your job applicants. They complete the application form and post it to us, along with their required identification. NCC manages the rest with no overheads to your business.

Why do I need to check candidates before hiring?

Employing a person with a criminal or bankruptcy history could pose a significant risk to your business. Additionally, if you hire an illegal worker in New Zealand, you could face fines per illegal worker.

How do I check a candidate's history?

The process is easy for you and your candidates. Here's how our Keyed Checks service works:

  • Your candidate completes the application form and posts it to us, along with their required identification.
  • Your candidate consents for the police check to be forwarded to your organisation only.
  • NCC keys the application for you and sends the application off for processing at MOJ.
  • You can expect to receive the results in around two business days.
  • Payments can be billed with each application or periodically.



Do I need to check all of my job applicants?

For many smaller New Zealand companies, hiring the wrong applicants can have devastating effects. Checking your applicants' histories can help put your mind at ease, plus it is remarkably cost-effective.

Who is National Crime Check?

NCC is a New Zealand Ministry of Justice (MOJ) registered agency so you can have full confidence in obtaining fast, accredited criminal record checks, Visa and right to work checks.

We partner with companies of all shapes and sizes across New Zealand.

Do you offer customisable solutions?

Yes, while some small New Zealand businesses love our Keyed Check solution, if your company is growing, we can quickly upgrade to a more streamlined option, a co-branded candidate website. This speeds up the process even further and ensures your candidates engage deeper with your brand.

Talk to our small business team today.